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Welcome to "Blender Defender". 

I am a Blender 3D Artist and Blender Addons Programmer.

My vision is to declare Blender as good as even possible and make Tutorials, that you don't just follow along but after which you know what the settings do and you can change them to your own benefit. 

Currently, I produce quick tip videos for you, so that you can pick up very important knowledge quickly.

About me

I am a young Blender Artist from Germany. I've discovered Blender more than 2 years ago and have been using it ever since. From then on, I've got myself familiar with the concepts of 3D.

My favorite tool in Blender is definitely the Node Editor since I'm a huge fan of the concept of proceduralism/non-destructive modeling.

Where do I see myself in 4 years?

In 4 years, when we're all living a regular life again, I want to have grown and established my YouTube channel and my free Addons. I also hope to have started living my vision with the help of the Blender Community.

From an artistic point of view, I desire to have worked on multiple projects. Private and small GIMP-Projects, as well as medium and bigger Blender-Projects.

How you can support me making my vision become true

There is a variety of ways to support me. Here are some suggestions if you want to support me...

... for free:

  • Share my content if you like it. It sounds insane, but it's impossible to expand without spreading the content all across the Internet. This applies to every sort of content that I make, whether it's a tutorial or an add-on.
  • Provide feedback. To improve, I need to know what I am doing well and what I can do better. It is such a simple thing, but it helps a lot. Click here to submit your feedback in a matter of 2 minutes.
  • SheepIt is a free render farm. A brief overview of how you can help me and get your renders quicker simultaneously is connected here.

... for money:

  • You can buy my free products and leave a tip. It is an incredible amount of time it takes to create products. I've calculated that clients would pay on average 150-200$ for my free products if I made them exclusively for them. Funnily enough, if any customer of my goods had purchased just $1, it would have been the same amount. If you have $1 to spare, please donate it to enable me to continue offering articles free of charge in the future. You can find my products in my Gumroad-Store and my Artstation-Store.
  • You can use my affiliate links. If there is a product like the Stylised Illustration Tutorial or the 100+ Decals Pack - Sign Decals Vol.2 that you wanted to buy anyway, purchasing them using my affiliate links helps me a lot.
  • You can buy my products. I want to make as much free stuff as possible. But I am convinced my paid Products are worth every single cent. You can find my products in my Gumroad-Store and my Artstation-Store.
  • You can become my affiliate. If you are convinced of my products and want to promote them, you can become my affiliate. It helps me share my products with the world, and you can earn up to 33% per sale. Please read this article for more information about affiliate marketing.