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YouTube - Check out my YouTube-Channel. Currently, I upload tutorials every last Saturday of the month, but I'm planning to make a full Blender explanation, as soon as I can afford it. - That's right, nobody can live without money, so do I. In order to make free Blender Tutorials on YouTube, someone has to donate money. The best way to do so is to leave a tip on my free products, buy one of my paid products, or to buy paid, high-quality products through these affiliate links.

Instagram - This profile is meant to share my artwork and news from the Blender Community. If you like the content, feel free to share it with everyone you know.

Pinterest -  On Pinterest, I'm daily pinning all sorts of Blender-/3D-Related images for inspiration or recourses for your Blender artworks.  If you want your artwork to be featured in one of my pins, please contact me.

Gumroad - I currently offer 9 Blender-related products. There are free products as well as paid products. Contact me, if you are convinced of the quality of my products and want to promote them.

GitHub - You are a programmer and want to contribute to my code projects? One of my Addons isn't working correctly? Go to my GitHub page to get help. All questions and problems around my addons can be answered and discussed here.

Help me improve - Take a minute to give feedback - I'm a human and no single human on this earth is perfect. If there is something about my YouTube channel you'd like to be changed, please give feedback using this form.

Pixabay - On Pixabay, I upload all sorts of images, illustrations, and render results.

Team Blender Defender - SheepIt Renderfarm - You probably know about the free render farm called "SheepIt". One way to support me is by joining my team. Another one is to sign up using this link. After you rendered 20 frames, you will receive an extra 1000 points, and SheepIt will gift me 1000 points too because I've told you about this awesome render farm. Learn more in this video:

SoloLearn - I'm not just a 3D artist, but also a programmer. Solo Learn is the platform, where I share non-Blender-related code samples of finished programs I've written so far.