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How you can create this cool Double Exposure like Effect #BDQuicktips

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how you can create this cool double
exposure effect in Blender's Node Editor. Bef...Read more>>

Do THIS if you have problems selecting multiple faces! #BDQuicktips

Are you having problems with selecting multiple faces that are facing the same direction? Do you want to know the fastest way to do this? R...Read more>>

3 Tips Every Blender User Should Know | #BDQuicktips

Today I'm sharing three tips with you that every Blender user should know. Before I continue with the article, I want to...Read more>>

Adjusting origins in Blender has been fixed | #BDQuicktips

With the release of Blender 2.91, one feature in Blender got exactly one year old: Blender's Transform-Only feature. And to celebrate this b...Read more>>

How to save time when editing Images Externally #BDQuicktips

Blenders Image Editor is very good, but there are still situations where you might want to use external Editors like Photoshop or GIMP. In th...Read more>>

What are Delta Transforms and how can you use them? | #BDQuicktips

In this video, I am going to explain Delta Positions and how you can use them. Delta is a n...Read more>>

Get a step closer to procedural modeling with this simple trick! | #BDQuicktips

Do you want to get a step closer to proceduralism? Then let me show you a cool little trick for modeling with subdivision surface modifiers. Subdivision-Surface modifiers are kn...Read more>>

Don't animate your Intros by Hand !! | #BDQuicktips

Stop Animating Your Intros by Hand! Becau...Read more>>

SheepIt Renderfarm Tutorial - How you can support Blender Youtubers like me completely free | #BDQuicktips

YouTubers say it too often: Please become my Patreon and support me doing my videos. But there's actually a way to support Blender Youtubers like me without spending a single ce...Read more>>

Don't spend hours of valuable time changing settings! | #BDQuicktips

Did you ever spend hours just changing the same settings of similar objects by the same values? What if I told yo...Read more>>

Voodoo Tracker Tutorial - Voodoo Tracker is outdated, but here's how you can still use it in Blender | #BDQuicktips

You have probably seen CG Matters Tutorial on how to track with Voodoo Camera Tracker and import the Camera Animation into Blender with a little trick, but you are not familiar with pyth...Read more>>